Salon La Luna - A Hair Color Studio
Bridal Services  

The Blushing Bride
Includes a 15 minute consultation, a 90 minute Trial Run,  prior to your wedding day  so both you and your stylist will know exactly what you want for your special day (bring your headpiece!) along with a full 2 hours designated just for You on the day of your wedding!

The Runaway Bride
Only in town for your special day, but still  want to look your best? We'll meet for 30 minutes to look at pictures and discuss a simple yet elegant style, then we'll begin and spend 90 minutes turning you into a blushing bride! 

Always a Bridesmaid
What an amazing honor to be part of the wedding!  We want you to look beautiful too, standing  next to the Bride-To-Be, with a full 60 minutes of your own! 

Up Style $85
Down Style $75
Short Hair Style $65

Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom
 It's a day you will never forget, you are giving away your baby! Come and let us make you look your best for pictures your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Up Style $85
Down Style $75
Short Hair Style $65

On Site Weddings
You've found the perfect venue for your wedding and you would love to stay right there and have one of our Stylists or our entire Team, come to you! No problem!
Travel Fee +$95

(Sunday weddings are double charge)

Parties booked with 3 or more include our complimentary mimosas and pastries, to top off your experience here 
at Salon La Luna!


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